David W. Dyson: Firearms Consultant

David W. Dyson is a firearms expert and weapons expert with over 30 years experience in the fields of gun law, firearms law and weapons law.

Master of Laws (Distinction) in Firearms Legislation in the UK. Registered with the Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners in the speciality of Firearms, and in all of the sub-specialities of ballistics, the classification of firearms and comparison microscopy until its closure.

Firearms Expert: All aspects of firearms law, firearms related legal cases addressed: gun law, firearms law, weapons law, shotgun law.

Civil and Criminal Law. Criminal charges, negligence and liability issues, technical interpretation etc.

Classification of weapons under the provisions of the Firearms Acts, Critical appraisal of forensic and expert reports, Testing and examination of weapons of all types, including guns, edged weapons, and related items. Chronographic testing and classification of air weapons.

Scene reconstruction, accuracy and range testing, fault identification, consideration of  antique and obsolete status of firearms. Member Arms and Armour Society, Professional member of the Forensic Science Society, The Society of Expert Witnesses, The U.K. Register of Expert Witnesses, Member of the Expert Witness Institute. Registered Firearms Dealer.

Free initial consultation, please contact me for expert advice in the specialist areas of gun law, firearms law, weapons law, shotgun law.

Read more about David Dyson here (pdf)

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