Analysis for Sky News: Raoul Moat

Firearms Expert, David Dyson, and Audio Analyst, Iain McArthur, were interviewed and filmed for Sky News regarding the Raoul Moat case and the evidence relating to the number of shots fired and by what type of gun; Moat’s shotgun or an XREP Taser gun. The experts worked very closely to enhance the audio clip, sent by Sky News, to try and ascertain the exact point the shots were fired and to identify what type of gun was used at which time.

Audio analyst Mr McArthur was able to enhance the clip and identify three ‘shots’ in as many seconds and firearms consultant, Mr Dyson, was able to discuss the different sounds that the guns would create. However, the surrounding noise, weather and direction of the camera all affected the quality of the audio clip, so the experts were unable to differentiate between Moat’s shotgun and the Tasers.

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