David Gittins
VHS Fletchers, Solicitors

I am delighted to confirm that the CPS have discontinued the case against our client, largely based upon your expert report. You will be my first port of call for any firearms expertise I need in the future, not only for the content of your report, but the ease with which we were able to communicate was refreshing.

Chris Andrews
Partner, Criminal Department, Coodes Solicitors, Cornwall

Due to your excellent report the CPS decided today not to persue the disguised weapons count. I wanted to say thank you for your help, you are now my ‘go to’ weapons expert.

Laura Saunsbury
Consultant, Lewis Nedas Law Solicitors, London
Honorary Solicitor to the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association
and co-author of the British Firearms Law Handbook

As a solicitor who specialises in firearms law, I have seen many reports and statements written by firearms experts. David Dyson’s reports are second to none and he is always my first port of call whenever I need to instruct an expert on behalf of one of my clients. Not only does he provide written reports that are clear and well argued, but David also makes a compelling witness in court. I have had many cases where I could not have achieved the successful outcome that I did for my clients without David’s involvement. The added bonus is that David is fiercely efficient and time and again has proved himself able to deliver in even the tightest of deadlines.

David Brewster
D. R. Brewster, Solicitors, Northern Ireland

I would be delighted to recommend your practice to any solicitor who needs an expert with your specialities. I can categorically state that your evidence comprehensively undermined the prosecution case, which otherwise might well have avoided serious challenge  and was instrumental in the successful presentation of the defence, while your initial response on receiving instructions was prompt, courteous and efficient. You had both a thorough knowledge of the issues, and the manner in which the rules of evidence required them to be presented. I have no doubt that your evidence was pivotal, and would have absolutely no hesitation in re-engaging your practice should the occasion arise.

Jon Whitfield QC
Doughty Street Chambers

Mr Dyson, firearms expert, was invited to assist in a case concerning a Pains-Wessex mini-flare found in a house. MA, The householder, claimed that he had confiscated the item from his son, put it in a cupboard and thereafter forgot about it. Some years later the flare was discovered by the police and MA was prosecuted for possession of a firearm.

Mr Dyson advised and was subsequently called to give evidence. He assisted on the nature of the flare as a whole, its component parts and, comparing it with other similar items. His knowledge and experience was of immense assistance in marshalling and promoting the defence case. His robust rejection of some very hard questioning and his reasoned debate on the issue of firearm components undoubtedly contributed to MA’s eventual acquittal.

Nick Doherty
4, King’s Bench Walk, Temple, London
Co-author of the British Firearms Law Handbook

In 30 years specialising in firearms law at the Bar I can say with complete confidence that there is no better expert in this field than David Dyson. He has that rare ability to consider the problem from every possible angle and ‘think outside the box’ in every case. Classification of firearms is a unique combination of fact and law which is perhaps why Mr. Dyson chose to qualify as a Barrister after 20 years practising as an expert. Whichever side you are on, if there is a legitimate point to be made in your favour, this expert will find it.

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